Woodruff Place Community is a strong community full of rich diversity in the arts. The three drives (East, West, and Middle) are each divided with grassy medians (esplanades), showcasing dozens of historical pieces including fountains, sculptures, and lamps, unique only to Woodruff Place.

Woodruff Place community also has a neighborhood association which meets regularly in the town hall on East Woodruff Drive. The Woodruff Place Civic League organizes annual fund-raising events like on Victorian Homes Tour, a 4th of July Parade, and other social engagements such as the Afternoon Senior Tea and the Children's Halloween Party. Of note is the W.P. Lawn Chair Brigade, favorites at any local parade, including the 500 Festival Parade;

And of course, there's the Flea Market, an annual sale that is held in the neighborhood the first weekend in June. The Woodruff Place Flea Market encompasses all the drives in Woodruff. At the annual sale, each resident is allowed to set out whatever goods he or she wants to sell to the public. Any and all residents of Woodruff Place Apartments are encouraged to do this too! Items at the annual sale can range from Chinese umbrellas to construction tools to old antique furniture.

Woodruff Place is considered to be the first suburb of Indianapolis and was platted in 1872 by entrepreneur James Orton Woodruff on a 77 acre tract that used to known as The Dark Woods. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972, Woodruff Place was one of the nation's first self-contained Victorian residential subdivisions. His plan included wide spacious lots and formal public esplanades adorned with lavish landscaping, nine Victorian fountains, and approximately 90 vases, planters, urns and other cast iron masonry sculptures.

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